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NJROTC Instructor Hiring Guidelines

School Administrator Guidelines for Hiring NJROTC Instructors

The following procedures are provided for your use when a vacancy at your NJROTC unit occurs:

  1. Notify area manager of vacancy
  2. Request certified applicant list from area manager
  3. Verify certification on applicants being considered for vacancy
  4. Only one non-Navy instructor may be hired
  5. Navy Certification is required
  6. Notify the area manager of hiring


Notify Area Manager of Vacancy


Always notify your Area Manager immediately when you have a vacancy. The Area Manager will notify NSTC NJROTC Instructor Administration) and request to have your vacancy placed on the vacancy list at https://netfocus.netc.navy.mil/jrotc/inst_vac.html.


Request Certified Applicant List from Area Manager


A Certified Applicant List is generated by NSTC (NJROTC Instructor Administration) after each Instructor Certification Board. This list is provided to the Area Managers and made available to schools with vacancies.


Verify certification on applicants being considered for vacancy


All instructor applicants must be certified by the Navy. Two certification boards are held annually, usually Spring and Fall. Verify an applicant's certification by calling NSTC (Instructor Administration) at (850)452-9510/9511.


Only one non-Navy instructor may be hired


The school may hire one instructor who is a retired member of the Marine Corps or Coast Guard in lieu of hiring all retired Navy instructors. For those units authorized four or more instructors, requests to hire additional Marine Corps or Coast Guard instructors will be considered on a case-by-case basis by NSTC.


Navy Certification is required.


At NJROTC units, instructors are certified as either a Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) or a Naval Science Instructor (NSI).  Applicants certified as SNSIs shall fill the SNSI position.  Applicants certified as NSIs shall fill the NSI position(s).  At NNDCC units, instructors are referred to as NNDCC Instructors (NNDCCI) and may be hired if currently certified by the Navy as an SNSI or NSI.  If more than one instructor is hired at an NNDCC unit, the school will designate one instructor as the Lead NNDCCI, granting preference to an instructor who has prior military service or has served in the military at a higher rank.  To verify the type of certification, request a copy of the applicant’s letter of Navy certification.  To verify the certification remains valid, contact your Area Manager or NJROTC Instructor Administration.


If a school has advertised a vacancy for a period of time and no applications have been received, the school may request through the Area Manager, for a waiver to hire an SNSI to an NSI position or conversely an NSI to an SNSI position if the NSI possesses a baccalaureate degree.. The school must show sufficient reason to justify such a request.
Until the waiver is granted, please do not interview SNSIs for an NSI position, or vice versa, or make an offer of employment.


Notify Area Manager of Hiring


Once you have determined whom you will hire for your vacancy, notify your Area Manager who will notify NSTC. This action will start in motion the necessary actions related to Instructor Administration, Instructor Pay, and New Instructor Orientation Training.

Additional Information:

If you have any questions please contact NJROTC Instructor Administration at (850)452-9510/9511.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Instructor Administration: (850)452-9510/9511
  • Instructor Pay: (850)452-9490
  • Instructor Training: (850)452-9507


Mailing Address:

Naval Service Training Command
NJROTC Program

250 Dallas Street Ste A
Pensacola FL 32508-5268

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